Daredevil Hockey was born from a desire to inspire and foster greatness in every athlete. With this, we DARE YOU TO BE GREAT!

Hockey Players need to be at their best at all times on the ice. Science has proven that compression and advanced moisture-wicking allows all athletes to perform at their highest level and push their limits. Unfortunately in hockey, this performance often comes at the expense of protection. DAREDEVIL HOCKEY has changed this! DAREDEVIL allows YOU TO BE GREAT and protects you where your equipment doesn't.


As a parent and as a volunteer hockey trainer on my child’s hockey team in 2011, I witnessed an event on the ice that propelled me into the creation of a product that all hockey players, coaches, and officials could wear to help protect themselves from potentially catastrophic injuries.

One day after my child’s game, we stayed around the arena to watch a friend of the family play in the following game. Within the first minutes of play I watched in terror as I saw a young player fall to his knees on the ice and not even a second later an opposing players’ skate rotated around cutting the child’s inner thigh between his shin-pad and hockey pant, and missing his femoral artery by less than an inch. If that artery were lacerated, it would have taken a mere five minutes, (exactly 300 seconds) for all the blood in his body to drain. As a trainer, I knew we were not equipped, nor trained, to apply a tourniquet to minimize blood loss. I went home that night in shock and quickly thereafter began researching the subject and injury statistics in detail. I discovered that lacerations are in fact the leading cause of injuries in ice hockey and that there are very few choices for players in the realm of cut-resistant apparel. It was incredible to me that in such a high contact sport, where players wear razor sharp blades attached to their feet, that they did not have better overall protection. I thought about safety, security and performance and became excited about the notion that hockey players out there would perform so much better if they knew and felt they were better protected. It is from this experience, as a parent and as a hockey trainer, witnessing a potentially fatal accident, that Daredevil Hockey was born.

Our mission is to ensure that all who play hockey – play protected by mitigating career and life-threatening laceration injuries by wearing our apparel – balancing performance + protection.