Daredevil Hockey was born from a desire to inspire and foster greatness in every athlete. With this, we DARE YOU TO BE GREAT!

Hockey Players need to be at their best at all times on the ice. Science has proven that compression and advanced moisture-wicking allows all athletes to perform at their highest level and push their limits. Unfortunately in hockey, this performance often comes at the expense of protection. DAREDEVIL HOCKEY has changed this! DAREDEVIL allows YOU TO BE GREAT and protects you where your equipment doesn't.








Increases blood flow, oxygen and nutrient delivery; prevents inflammation; flushes out lactic acid and carbon dioxide for quick recovery; increases performance reducing the amount of muscles which need to be activated resulting in less muscle fatigue; super lightweight and advanced moisture wicking properties.


Exposed areas on the legs (ankles, hamstrings and calves, lower and inner thighs) are protected using breathable cut-resistant aramid fabric to help mitigate life and career threatening skate lacerations.




Each pair is packaged in an environmentally friendly bamboo fibre (renewable and sustainable resource) drawstring bag that acts as carry-all for your Daredevil Hockey Ronan Compression Jock Pant as well as a washing aid for teams that use a Laundry Loop for each individual player.



Simply place the pants in the bamboo fibre bag after play, then place the bag with the pants inside and drawstring pulled tight into the washing machine in a cold-water cycle <30 degrees centigrade. Cold-Water Cycle in conjunction with washing the Daredevil Hockey Ronan Compression Jock Pant inside the Bag will preserve the life of the product for a recommended maximum of two seasons. Pants are recommended to be hung-dried and should never be ironed.



Daredevil Hockey not only dares you to be great, but we also dared ourselves to make a real difference in our community. The hockey community. The same community that we all share and have an incredible passion for, one that is unwavering and eternal in each of our hearts. Hockey is the greatest sporting community in the world, with not only the most passionate members, but also the most caring and considerate.

As Hockey players, parents, coaches and fans, we want to be at the forefront when it comes to improving mental health awareness. Many members of our community have been affected by mental health, just like we have here at Daredevil Hockey. As a result, one of our key foundations is supporting Mental Health Awareness and Initiatives around the world. Daredevil Hockey was conceived with, and remains committed to, the idea that a portion of all proceeds from Daredevil sales will go towards supporting Mental Health Awareness through organizations such as, but not limited to, CAMH, CAPIS at OTMH, and BELL Canada Let's Talk®


Reach out to us and let us know how we can support your local Mental Health organization. Be STRONG, LIVE, LAUGH & LOVE, #DARETOBEGREAT